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Jackman is a factory brand established in Fukui, Japan. In 1949, Mitsugu Tanabe founded Tanabe Meryasu, a small business comprising of 3 knitting machines between 8 tatami mats. That same year the San Francisco Seals baseball team flew into Japan for a series of national friendlies with Japan. Watching the game, Mitsugu was fascinated by the socks the players were wearing and in 1950 began producing baseball socks for the first time in Japanese history. He developed sewing technologies and custom machines to complete his designs. In 1955 he was honoured by the Japanese Institute of Invention and Innovation for his contribution to industrial development and in 1962 received an Innovation Award from Prince Takamatsu.

The company has continued to expand to all kinds of sporting apparels, and became one of the suppliers of the official sportswear for the Japan National team at the Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964. Jackman's sewing plant now has over 60 years of history, with modern as well as old, specialized sewing machines such as the Union Special and REECE helping them produce top-quality classic pieces.

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