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The Stutterheim story isn’t complete without talking about the country and culture that formed the foundations of who the brand is... Their insistence on stylish functionality can be traced back to their roots in Stockholm. The Swedish capital is home to the Stutterheim HQ and it’s where they design and create; inspired by the famed sartorial streets of Östermalm to the streetwear of Södermalm. From day one, Stutterheim products have been designed in Stockholm and made in Europe. 

A city of islands braided together by bridges and ferries, it’s no surprise that the Stockholm archipelago carries with it a long history of sea trade and fishing. This legacy and the classic fisherman’s raincoat is what led to the birth of Stutterheim, and remains an inspiration today. Raincoats and rain-accessories are produced in rubberised cotton, completely rainproof. Their famed rainboots in 100% natural rubber are sturdy and designed for comfort and style. The Stutterheim characteristic rubberised cotton fabric is produced in Europe; it features a cotton membrane that is covered with a rubber coating. The original fabric is 530gr, but they've developed new, lighter fabrics, that have been designed to be packable, easier to layer and to facilitate trans-seasonal garments.

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