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Handcrafted using traditional manufacturing techniques in the factories of Koryo, Japan, ROTOTO are the ultimate comfort socks that "have a good feel". To ensure the perfection of each pair, fine adjustments are made to the weave continuously during the production process. Vintage inspired, and made to last a lifetime, these are some of the nicest socks you'll ever put your feet in.

ROTOTO’s socks are made in Japan’s largest sock producing region, Nara Prefecture. While most of our products are crafted in Koryocho, places such as Yamatotakada City, Kashiba City and Gose City also produce some of them. The area has been known for its quality textile, including Yamato-momen and Yamato-kasuri, since around the 17th century. Industrial sock production was first introduced to the area in 1910, when a man from Umami village (now Koryocho) brought a sock weaving machine to his hometown from the U.S. after his study tour in the country. As textile weaving declined and people’s lifestyle changed with time, sock production was gradually developed in the area as a new industry. With such a background, the local people in the region still call sock knitting as ‘sock weaving.’ ROTOTO places more value on manufacturing that requires a lot of discussion with factory craftsmen who preserve this rich tradition and history.

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