Douk Douk

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Originally intended for the everyday workingman, this inexpensive pocket-knife became the preferred knife of the French Foreign Legion, and amongst those in the French Colonies. In fact, its popularity caused it to be used as a weapon of assassination and terror during the FLN revolt in Algeria in the 50s. Algerians who ran afoul of the FLN frequently had their noses removed by the knife's razor-sharp blade.

Terrorism aside, the fabled legacy of Douk-Douk is partly owed to the engravings emblazoned in its high carbon steel blade and folded steel handle. These engravings of douk-douks (native mythological characters) were created in 1929 by Gaspard Cognet of Cognet, Antoine & Gaspard. The original Douk-Douk depicts a Melanesian spirit incarnation.

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